Friday, January 4, 2013

Celebrating the First Flush?

"For parents, milestones worthy of commemoration in a young child’s life can include the loss of a first tooth or the first trip to the barbershop. Training a child to use the toilet, however, is often met with much less enthusiasm," the New York Times reports.
To market its Huggies Pull-Ups training pants for toddlers, the Kimberly-Clark Corporation has opted for an advertising campaign that focuses on celebrating that first flush with fanfare in the hope of making the potty training process more enjoyable for parents and their children ...
For a television ad for English-speaking mothers, Ogilvy cast a family with a child who was about to go through toilet training, not actors, said Dave Metcalf, group creative director at Ogilvy. The ad, which was shot in Vancouver, features a toddler who flushes the toilet at his parents’ encouragement and then hears a commotion outside the house.
The family opens the front door and sees a parade celebrating the child’s first flush, replete with floats, acrobats and a marching band. The family was not told about the parade, Mr. Metcalf said, so their reactions of surprise were genuine.

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